Kroba, a special explorer symbiote

first appearnce: Venom Seed of Darkness -1


Krobaa was a special type of symbiote, scouting worlds when he was pulled to earth by Dr Nigel Donlevy, using an interdimensional portal. Korbaa politley informs the Dr. that he would temporarily bond to him.

Eddie Brock arrives to his location after a tip from a screaming women that a monster is destroying a commercial area. Eddie crashes his car, and is confronted by Krobaa, who promptly attacks him. Eddie evades the attacks discovering that Krobaa was weakened by intense lights. Eddie Brock then takes some photos, which calms the creature down, restoring his initial personality. Krobaa is horrified and disturbed at what has happened to him by bonding to a human, saying: “Such… great… horror. A terrible abundance of sorrow. What monstrous gods would create a race with so much buried greatness – yet curse them with souls born wounded?”.


Krobaa then commits suicide by letting go of himself, disolving into yellow gas, to prevent the "seed of darkness" that is humans from being unleashed on the universe Dr. Nigel is then relased from his forced bond and explains Krobaa's origins, about how he was a exploring and was pulled to earth, and how he needed to bond to survvive. No other symbiote like this has been shown again.



The symbiote grants its host superhuman stregnth, reflexes, and agility, also the suit could create tendrils. The full extent of the Krobaa's powers where unkown, as it died before further study.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Krobaa also seems more in control of its body, as when it chose to commit suicde and kill itself, which every other symbiote seems incapable of doing. Krobaa was also completly in control of a host, a trait simarily found with ZZZXX. The full extent of the Krobaa's powers where unkown, as it died before further study.


Krobaa, unlike most symbiotes, displayed a weakness to high intensity lights, like a sun ray or a camera flash. It is unkown if it could be afflicted or immune to fire and sonic attacks, as Krobaa died before more information was found out.



Krobaa symbiote, before bonding

Dr. Nigel DonlevyEdit

Dr Nigel was the first known and only know host of Krobaa, which is evident because he is a scout, who had mastered temp bonds.Nigel is then transformed into a hulking possed monster. This continues until a high intense light from a photo flash from Eddie Brock's camera. The suit regains its intial persona and commits suicide. This ordeal left the Dr. Nigel tramutized. Although the bond was tempory, Nigel had gained som of Krobaa's memorys. He found out it was a scout from an alien planet (The symbiote homeworld?). Eddie brock left Dr. Nigel on the sidewalk, crying.


  • Krobaa is the only symbiote so far who has a weakness to high intensity light
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